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Cake Bell COOL & FRESH

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Rotho COOL & FRESH cake box with integrated cooling pad

Always stay cool! Whether pies, salads or fruit - the practical kitchen helpers of the COOL & FRESH line keep food fresh and crisp even on hot days.

  • Cake bell with removable cooling pad
  • lockable cover
  • integrated carrying handle
  • food safe plastic
  • Swiss brand quality

Advantages and possible applications

If you often bake your own cakes, you know the problem: It's not just party guests who start sweating in the face of midsummer temperatures. Delicate cream cakes can also literally melt away in the sweltering heat. With the help of the COOL & FRESH cake cover, you can safely send your sweet works of art on their way at any time of year - the integrated cooling pad makes sure of that. When removed, the cooling box transforms into an ordinary cake butler, allowing you to transport baked goods safely and conveniently - a practical solution when you're baking your mother-in-law a birthday cake or bringing cakes to a friend's barbecue. The tightly closing cover protects your sweet treats from drying out. But it also prevents your colleague's dog from tasting the cake in an unguarded moment or ants from having a feast.

Product attributes

A removable cooling pad is integrated into the bottom part of the cake cover, which you simply place in the freezer for a few hours before use - this keeps the contents well chilled for hours. The well thought-out design allows safe transport of cakes and pies: two easy-to-use sliders stably connect the cover with the bottom part, the handy carrying handle allows you to comfortably carry the cake bell with one hand even when filled. The plastic used is dishwasher safe and free of harmful substances such as BPA. The COOL & FRESH cake cover is available in different formats and colors - an indispensable kitchen helper if you like to bake sweet works of art!

Item number: 1720190000WS
  • Length: 380 mm
  • Width: 340 mm
  • Height: 160 mm
  • Inner dimension length: 290
  • Inner dimension width: 105
  • Inner dimension height: 290
  • Inner dimension diagonal: 290