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Color : Green

SPACEWONDER sink mat from Rotho as a comfortable dish mat

If you don't have much time or you want to optimize your water consumption, use the sink mat. With the bright green SPACE WONDER item, you ensure storage and gentle placement of delicate items such as glasses or bowls. Store the individual small dishes in your kitchen until the next cleaning in the sink is really worth it.

Optimize your workflow in the kitchen. Not after every consumption of a roll and only three dirty dishes need a complete washing up. Consequently, until the following cleaning, simply place the service, glasses and cutlery on the light green sink mat. Use the mat's pliable plastic to create a protective barrier between various delicate surfaces. With the SPACE WONDER sink mat, you'll thus ensure your dinner service remains intact for a long time. Until the next big cleaning, simply place all the items on the product with the following properties without complications:

  • Pollutant-free - Use the environmentally friendly SPACE WONDER sink mat with complete peace of mind. Use this plastic item for your everyday dishes and other objects that regularly come into contact with food. This also allows the Rotho dish drainer to be used in the household of allergy sufferers.
  • Non-slip - Ensure rock-solid stability when placing your precious tea cups as well as the popular breakfast plate. Plastic products like the light green dish drainer give you a reliable base until the upcoming, larger cleaning. You also give yourself this security when storing the service on the countertop instead of in the sink.
  • flexible - On the one hand, the positioning of the SPACE WONDER item on the dining table as well as the countertop or in the sink already shows itself to be universal. In the latter, you enjoy the additional advantage that any moisture can drain away. And since there are different dimensions in this regard, simply cut your sink mat to fit the sink of your kitchen.


Item number: 1017005519WS
  • Length: 400 mm
  • Width: 333 mm
  • Height: 4 mm