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Cutting board small CARUBA

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Rotho Board CARUBA with anti-slip feet, juice groove and handle

Finally put an end to dull knives and scratched kitchen worktops! Thanks to the practical Rotho cutting board from the CARUBA line, effortlessly cutting fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and cheese becomes a real pleasure!

  • Plastic cutting board
  • BPA free and food safe
  • with juice groove and anti-slip feet
  • dishwasher safe
  • Knife-friendly surface

Advantages and possible applications

You just want to quickly cut a slice of sausage, dice cheese for the salad or slice a tomato. Anyone who forgoes the use of a suitable cutting board for these seemingly unspectacular steps will bitterly regret this decision shortly afterwards. The result of the supposed saving for convenience is not infrequently scratched countertops, from whose unsightly appearance your entire kitchen suffers. But that's not all: as soon as you use your kitchen knives on surfaces that are not designed for them, you run the risk of permanently damaging the sensitive blades. The result of this improper treatment is not long in coming. Blunt and broken blades, which not least represent a considerable accident risk, are the annoying result. So the actually joyful preparation of food and cooking together with friends is certainly no fun. Against this background, a robust and knife-friendly cutting board proves to be a saving anchor for your culinary cooking pleasure. With the Rotho CARUBA cutting board, you can do all your cutting work from now on in a time-saving, tool-friendly and effective way. The versatile kitchen utensil shows itself to be a real all-rounder and environmentally friendly work facilitator. In addition to the numerous applicable advantages, the Rotho cutting board of the CARUBA line is also a visual enrichment for every kitchen, the appealing two-component design testifies to style and modernity.

Product attributes

The Rotho CARUBA cutting board is available in two sizes, lightweight yet dimensionally stable. The robust, knife-friendly surface is cut-resistant and can be used for many years. A practical handle, the anti-slip feet and a circumferential juice groove facilitate daily kitchen work. The timeless cutting board in a chic design also proves to be dishwasher safe and extremely easy to clean. Food-safe and made of BPA-free plastic, the cutting board promises pollutant-free use even for allergy sufferers. The Rotho CARUBA cutting board has an excellent price-performance ratio due to its twenty-year durability guarantee and is an indispensable stroke of luck for every amateur and professional chef!

Item number: 1166905070WS
  • Length: 250 mm
  • Width: 150 mm
  • Height: 9 mm