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Refrigerator organizer 3.1 l, M LOFT

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Refrigerator organizer system LOFT - how to bring order to your refrigerator

Practical, versatile and hygienic, that's how the refrigerator organizer LOFT from Rotho presents itself in transparent design. The organizers in different sizes can be perfectly combined in the refrigerator. So you create space with the organizer and always have your food in view. Whether for yogurt, cream or pasta sauces, you decide what should find space in your Loft refrigerator organizer from Rotho. Also in kitchen cabinets or drawers, the robust storage container can provide a clearly organized structure.

The practical organizer for the kitchen for an optimal overview in your refrigerator.

The organizer Loft for your refrigerator has the distinct advantage that you can simply place it on the individual glass drawers. This way you make optimal use of the available space in your refrigerator. Thanks to the transparent plastic, you can see at a glance what is in your organizer from Rotho. The handy size and ergonomically shaped handle allow you to handle it easily. In addition, you can still individually label your organizer for the refrigerator for a better overview. Thanks to the clever shape and size, you also ensure optimal air circulation in the refrigerator with this article.

Item number: 1000100096WS
  • Length: 310 mm
  • Width: 140 mm
  • Height: 90 mm
  • Inner dimension length: 267
  • Inner dimension width: 88
  • Interior dimension height: 104
  • Inner dimension diagonal: 287