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Kitchen roll holder ROLLO

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Rotho kitchen roll holder ROLLO with adjustable holder

Your secret weapon in the kitchen battlefield? The good old kitchen roll! What is so practical, also deserves a fixed place. The adjustable kitchen roll holder ensures that the valuable paper roll is not lost.

  • Kitchen roll holder made of sturdy plastic
  • length adjustable bracket
  • for sticking on smooth surfaces
  • Swiss brand quality

Advantages and possible applications

Unfortunately, incidents cannot always be avoided in the kitchen. Once a pot overflows, another time your offspring tips over the drinking glass. But that's not so bad if you have kitchen roll at hand! The proven household helper quickly absorbs liquids and ensures that the mishap does not spread further. Kitchen roll is also ideal for cleaning surfaces and is not least more hygienic than a damp cloth. However, if the roll does not have a permanent place in the kitchen, it is easily misplaced. The kitchen roll holder offers a convenient solution: it is simply stuck to the wall without drilling and assigns the practical paper roll its fixed place in the kitchen. Tearing off individual sheets also becomes child's play - so you no longer need to touch the roll with wet or dirty hands. Since the holder is adjustable in length, the kitchen roll holder takes it with rolls of different sizes.

Product attributes

The kitchen roll holder is made of sturdy plastic, produced in an environmentally friendly way. Its smooth surface is easy to clean and does not take discoloration. The kitchen roll holder is compatible with all common household rolls - by sliding the holder adjusts to the exact length of the roll. The installation is very uncomplicated and works without drilling: The kitchen roll holder is simply stuck onto smooth surfaces such as tiles. An indispensable household helper that also provides more comfort in your kitchen!

Item number: 1737801100WS
  • Length: 340 mm
  • Width: 80 mm
  • Height: 100 mm