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Dish drainer foldable SPACE WONDER

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Color : Cool gray

Dish drainer rack SPACE WONDER

Dish -washing as well as -drying does not always have to be time-consuming ! With our foldable dish drainer the work is made easier.

Placed on the sink, you have space to sort the dishes well and this makes drying easier. Next to the sink directly can be placed the dish drainer, and when not in use, it is practical and foldable, easily stored in the drawer or cabinet. Extra space for glasses, plates and cutlery is offered to you for sorting and ideal drying of dishes.

Product attributes

The foldable dish drainer can be stored anywhere to save space. The entire dish drainer can be cleaned with household cleaning agents by hand or in the dishwasher. The kitchen helper is made of sturdy plastic in impeccable quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing. It is also guaranteed to be free of harmful substances.

Treat yourself to more time and less work by letting the practical SPACEWONDER foldable dish drainer help you!

Item number: 1016202590WS
  • Length: 390 mm
  • Width: 320 mm
  • Height: 20 mm