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Form tray crosswise TIMELESS

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Rotho Letter tray TIMELESS stackable A4 document tray

Paper chaos in the workplace a perpetual source of frustration? It doesn't have to be: The timelessly beautiful filing systems of the TIMELESS line free your desk from unnecessary ballast.

  • Tray for documents up to size DIN A4
  • Stackable as desired
  • high quality plastic

Advantages and possible applications

A tidy desk not only makes a good impression on customers and the boss. It also helps you to work efficiently and to concentrate on the essentials. The TIMELESS document tray gives letters, invoices and other documents that arrive every day their fixed place and puts an end to loose notes lying around. Several filing trays can be stacked on top of each other and can thus be extended to form an individual filing system - as required. You can assign a separate function to each tray: Invoices still to be paid, letters ready to be handed in, display folders and other office utensils are stored separately from each other so that you always have an overview of your documents. The classic long format fits neatly on the desk or on shelves. Not only in the office, but also in your own home you create soothing order.

Product attributes

The TIMELESS A4 letter tray is made of high-quality plastic and impresses with its clear, contemporary design. It is suitable for collecting and storing documents. The document tray is stackable and can therefore be extended as required to form a filing system. The individual trays can be arranged in a row, but also staggered to the back, giving you particularly convenient access to your documents. The TIMELESS letter tray is also available in other refreshing colors. Don't fret any longer about confusing piles of paper at your desk!

Item number: 1744800096WS
  • Length: 327 mm
  • Width: 234 mm
  • Height: 64 mm