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Format basket A7 LINUS

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Color : Anthracite

Rotho document holder LINUS

The document tray LINUS is used everywhere where small parts but also documents must be sorted and stored. Especially documents often get lost in larger boxes or have to be searched for laboriously, but with this basket the storage becomes very simple.

  • Curved edge
  • stackable
  • simple organizer
  • Swiss brand quality

Advantages and areas of application

In the format basket LINUS you can store everything that comes to mind. Whether you use it to store make-up, craft materials, costume jewelry, small tools, documents or even children's toys is entirely up to you. For children, these baskets are especially practical, because they can neatly store all their little treasures. But of course, you can also use the format basket for office utensils. So the format basket is suitable for the children's room as well as for the workshop or the hobby room, after all, they also fit easily into drawers.

Product attributes

The format basket LINUS in either A4 or A5 is slightly conical in shape. Thus, when not used for storing various items, the baskets can also be stacked inside each other quite practical and space-saving. A slight ribbing and the curved edge give your hands a grip and also stabilize the basket. This allows you to fill the format basket with heavy items as well. Made of high-quality, robust and easy-care plastic, the small basket is even suitable for storing food. Because it is allergy friendly and can of course also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The Swiss company Rotho has known for 125 years how important the little things are for storage and order. Since then, they have been producing functional, practical and beautiful everyday items that make it easier for you to keep all sorts of things safe. So if you are still missing baskets for storing the many important little things of everyday life, why not reach for the LINUS document tray from Rotho.

Item number: 1719108812WS
  • Length: 140 mm
  • Width: 110 mm
  • Height: 60 mm
  • Inner dimension length: 101
  • Inner dimension width: 58
  • Interior dimension height: 72
  • Inner dimension diagonal: 134