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Bottle 0,4 l MEMORY KIDS

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The MEMORY KIDS drinking bottle from Rotho provides refreshment

Long excursions or the fun time out at sports require a supply of fluids over time. Guarantee your child an optimal water balance - even when romping around - by placing the pragmatic MEMORY KIDS drinking bottle by his side. If necessary, your child will get the desired refreshment.

Enrich every outing and all activities in the everyday life of the child with the sweet sip as a reward or the invigorating enjoyment of healthy teas. The MEMORY KIDS drinking bottle gives your child the required liquid supply. The offer includes the 0.4 liter Rotho article including hygienic, interlocking closure and a carrying loop. Give yourself and your offspring more advantages:

  • robust - Secure this sturdy plastic bottle, so that the optimal container for refreshment during sports or living in the children's room as well as garden is found. With almost half a liter capacity, the drinking bottle of the MEMORY KIDS series gives you the best conditions. Thus, this article can also fall over or down once without damage and be prepared for everyday life with the children.
  • leak-proof - Thanks to the cap on the bottle, you protect your environment - especially at home - from leaking and spilling the contents. Furthermore, the Rotho drinking bottle also prevents the penetration of foreign substances.
  • modern - The drinking bottle MEMORY KIDS impresses with a modern look, Different designs allow the use for any age.
Item number: 1016310565WS
  • Length: 76 mm
  • Width: 70 mm
  • Height: 165 mm