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Bucket 10 l VARIO

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Rotho Bucket VARIO | Robust plastic household bucket with sturdy metal handle

With the functional Rotho household bucket of the VARIO product series, cleaning within your own four walls becomes a child's play!
  • Plastic bucket
  • with sturdy metal handle
  • BPA free
  • pollutant-free
  • 20 years durability guarantee

Advantages and possible applications

Whether you are the head of a family, single or living in a shared flat - you are all familiar with this problem: In addition to raising children, working and leisure time, the unpleasant housework is often put at the bottom of the to-do list. Although daily cleaning can sometimes be put on the back burner, as soon as the chaos gets out of hand, it becomes clear to everyone: order is a must! What extra stress when the old mop bucket has a long crack right now or the handle breaks off while carrying it and all the soapy water pours over the parquet floor instead of the tiled floor. Thanks to the practical Rotho plastic bucket of the VARIO line, you consider yourself lucky to be able to eliminate such nightmare scenarios from your household life in the future. Functionality, durability and optimal handling are the top priorities for this quality product. Even at maximum filling, the sturdy metal handle allows for optimal transport, making this bucket an effective auxiliary utensil for effortless completion of all cleaning tasks!


Product attributes

The Rotho VARIO bucket with a capacity of 5 to 10 liters is made of BPA-free plastic and has a securely fastened metal handle on the upper edge. Stable and robust in material processing, the household bucket stands out as a real quality product with a twenty-year durability guarantee on the part of the manufacturer. This durability is complemented by a reasonable price-performance ratio. The buckets of the VARIO series are available in two different color and size variants. Thus, the small bucket has a capacity of 5 l with a weight of 170g and the large bucket 10 l content and a weight of 250g. All VARIO products from the traditional Swiss manufacturer Rotho are free of harmful substances and are therefore suitable for use by allergy sufferers without hesitation.

Item number: 1764305519WS