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Lid for 1.2 l EVO EASY

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Accessories for storage box EVO EASY

The EVO EASY box can be expanded with numerous accessories for even more versatile use.


With the lid for the matching boxes, you can use them much better. The lid forms virtually the conclusion to the top. Thus, you additionally protect the contents of the boxes from Rotho against moisture and dirt, as these can now no longer get into the storage boxes. Another advantage is that the storage boxes of the EVO EASY series can be stacked better and more safely. The transparent lid is also made of sturdy plastic, which is free of harmful substances.


While the boxes are basically suitable for storing large items, they can be optimally divided with the insert baskets. Thus, even smaller items find their place in an EVO EASY box with perfect system. The lid can also be used with the basket without any problems.


If it should become even smaller, the organizer is the perfect choice. Small parts such as screws, nails, coins, pens, jewelry, office supplies and much more finds its optimal place in the organizer. Organizer and lid can be used equally.


The clips in a set of 2 are perfect to securely close your plastic boxes EVO. The application of both clips on the respective lid is suitable for increased protection of stored things from dirt, dust and moisture.

Item number: 1014800096WS
  • Length: 179 mm
  • Width: 122 mm
  • Height: 11 mm

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