Interview: Markus Brunner

"Innovation is first and foremost a personal attitude."

Wurenlingen (CH)

Design engineer in product development

February 2008

Trained precision mechanic, now design engineer

How did you come to Rotho?

Because of the 3D printer, they were not yet so widespread in 2008. And of course because of the opportunity to work in product development, since I am "only" a trained precision mechanic.

You have been working for Rotho for more than 10 years. Are you already part of the company inventory? How do you manage not to "squat" in old structures?

I'm certainly not part of the inventory. Innovation is above all a personal attitude. There is nothing that can't be made even better!

Rotho and flexibility - do they go together?

Yes! I think it's great that women can rejoin the workforce after maternity leave, even on a part-time basis.

What is your favorite Rotho product and why?

I think the new ALBULA Multibags are cool.

My wife always takes them shopping and then brings home many fine things 😉.

Your wish for the future?

That we can make our products even better and, above all, more durable in order to become more sustainable.