Interview: Benno Huber

"The modern machines, the great variety of materials. It never gets boring."

Wurenlingen (CH)

Team leader process engineering

August 2005

Started as apprentice Kunststoff technologist, then took over as Kunststoff technologist and since August 2021 team leader process engineering

How did you come to Rotho?

I joined Rotho in 2005 as an apprentice Kunststoff technologist. At the time, I didn't really know what I wanted to become. Then my father saw the job ad and encouraged me to apply. During the one-week trial apprenticeship, I was welcomed by a very open team and got to know an interesting job.

What do you like most about your job?

The work with the teams in production or the production-related teams, the modern machines and the large variety of materials. The introduction of new tools is very interesting and technically demanding work. It never gets boring.

What is your biggest highlight?

My degree as industrial foreman in the field of Kunststoff and rubber.

My supervisor motivated me to complete this in-service training, and I was also able to reduce my working hours. Today, I can put a lot of what I learned into practice in my role as a process engineering team leader.

What is your favorite Rotho product and why?

Our PASO waste garbage can, a practical and very exciting product in terms of production.

Setting up the machine is interesting and produced it is a combination of several techniques.

Rotho and flexibility - do they go together?

Although we manufacture simple products and have to meet delivery deadlines and quality requirements, we always aim to constantly improve our processes and produce more sustainably.

Especially with sustainable products, we have to be enormously adaptable. The recycled raw material, for example our own scrap that is reused, is always different in composition and must be processed accordingly.