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Category: Linen & Household

Laundry baskets and tubs

Laundry baskets and tubs are indispensable helpers in the household, with the help of which mountains of dirty laundry lose their terror. Generously sized and sturdily made, a plastic laundry basket is ideal for collecting, sorting and transporting your used or clean laundry. Once not in use, the container can do more than stand around uselessly: A plastic laundry basket is a true multi-talent in the household, which can also be quickly transformed into a storage box for toys, tools and other things that would otherwise become a tripping hazard. Since you can't have enough of them, buy laundry baskets at Rotho at great prices and benefit from attractive quantity discounts.

Laundry basket or Laundry hampers? The main differences

Cheap laundry bins come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Which one do you use for what? Laundry bins and laundry sorters have proven themselves in the bathroom, in the bedroom and in the children's room - or anywhere else where dirty laundry would otherwise carelessly fall to the floor. Tall, slim bins that fit into the smallest niche and can hold a lot of laundry are popular. To discreetly hide the unsightly contents, a laundry garbage can with a lid is ideal. Nevertheless, air should get to the laundry - otherwise bad odors can quickly develop. A practical as well as elegant solution are laundry bins made of nylon mesh, which look like rattan and thus become an attractive eye-catcher in the bathroom. Or you can use a laundry box with a fabric insert, which you wash from time to time. Laundry baskets in woven structure are available at Rotho in a large selection and in different color variants: Elegant and puristic looks a laundry basket in white or black, cheerful and pop are our Laundry hamperss in bright colors. Unlike most Laundry hamperss, laundry tubs or laundry chests do not have a lid and are kept wide and low. Thus, they fit ideally under the open washing machine door. If they are not in use, they can stack laundry chests to save space.

The advantages of a plastic laundry basket

With our handy laundry bins, the trip to the washing drum will be an easy one in the future: a plastic laundry basket is sturdy enough to take on both dry and wet laundry, while also being feather-light and comfortable to carry. To help you get through tight doorways or stairwells without colliding, many of our laundry baskets and tubs feature carry handles on two, three or four sides that are gently rounded. Of course, all laundry bins come without any distracting corners or edges. Whether you carry the plastic laundry basket with both hands or casually tucked under your arm, unpleasant cutting into it is a thing of the past. Due to the high-quality, permanently smooth surfaces, a plastic laundry basket also does not take on any odors - if necessary, all products can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Our laundry baskets with a woven look are also true cleaners: unlike real rattan, nylon wicker can be cleaned without any problems. Some customers use a washable laundry bag or laundry bag for their laundry box for hygienic reasons. This allows the dirty laundry to be conveniently transported to the washing machine at the same time, without the Laundry hampers itself having to travel.

Laundry baskets in robust brand quality

At Rotho you buy high-quality processed and extremely durable laundry containers. Particularly important to us is the ecological and health compatibility of all materials used - questionable substances such as BPA are therefore dispensed with entirely. So that our laundry baskets are not only practical household helpers, but at the same time chic furnishings, you have the choice between numerous designs and color variants. In our assortment you will find both the noble laundry basket in white for your designer bathroom as well as the pop-colorful Laundry hampers for the children's room. Buy several laundry baskets at once, so you benefit from attractive staggered quantity discounts!