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Category: Trash can

Garbage can for hygienic waste disposal

It generally does not enjoy a good reputation: as indispensable as the trash can is in the household, it is just as unloved when it annoys our eyes and our nose. But this does not have to be the case: At Rotho, you can buy waste bins that discreetly and hygienically hide their unsightly contents - clever swing top bins and waste bins with kick mechanisms make it possible. In our assortment you will also find inexpensive waste garbage cans for the kitchen or bathroom. So that not only your nose, but also the environment breathes a sigh of relief, you can of course also buy waste garbage cans with a separation system. Waste separators are available in different sizes and designs, we offer these trash cans in duo as well as practical trio system. Discover affordable waste bins that do not have to hide under the sink thanks to their chic design and tight-fitting lid!


Swing top bucket or pedal bucket?

Of course, a wastebasket for the office must meet different requirements than a compost garbage can or a trash can for the kitchen. Trash cans with lids are always useful when odors could arise or the sight of the waste is simply unattractive. But how to lift the lid if you do not have your hands free or want to avoid fingerprints? Fortunately, there are proven solutions to this problem: Waste garbage cans with swing lids are self-contained, but have an opening on their hemispherical top that can be easily pushed open with one hand. Once you have disposed of your waste, the swing lid closes gently and silently. Swing lid bins are popular as cosmetic bins for the bathroom, among other uses. Pedal bins or pedal bins are particularly convenient to use thanks to the pedal mechanism: You only need to gently tap the lid once with your foot, and the lid opens. This saves you from having to touch it directly with your hand and the waste garbage can remains free of dirt on the outside.


Trash can with separation system for the environmentally conscious

You try to avoid unnecessary waste. But the rest you want to dispose of at least environmentally friendly? Of course, at Rotho you can also buy waste garbage cans that enable waste separation according to ecological criteria. Waste separators have several inner containers, which often also have different capacities. In this way, residual waste, recyclables such as aluminum or glass, and organic waste can be collected separately. Our waste garbage cans in the Duo or Trio system have removable inner bins so that you can empty and clean the bins separately. Even though our plastic trash cans, compost garbage cans and waste collectors are very easy to clean and hardly take on any odors: It is recommended to use a garbage bag to avoid soiling from the start. Rotho also offers trash cans for the yellow bag, which elegantly hide the unsightly trash bag under the wide edge of the lid.


Buy trash can for kitchen, bathroom and children's room

Every room needs its own trash can - after all, you don't want to run around the whole apartment with your waste. A large part of our household waste accumulates in the kitchen. It is therefore important that the trash can is large enough so that you don't have to empty it all the time. For multi-person households, a trash can with a capacity of 50 liters is ideal; for single households, a trash can with a capacity of 20 liters, 25 liters or 30 liters is also sufficient. For kitchens with limited space, a trash can box or a trash can in a narrow shape is suitable, which can be elegantly hidden in a niche or under the sink. In the bathroom, a small trash can with a capacity of 6 liters is ideal. Our cosmetic bins are equipped with a swing lid or a step mechanism, making them particularly convenient. Mobile, flexible waste garbage cans with wheels are suitable, for example, for the study, the hobby room or the children's room - waste garbage cans for children should be easy to use in any case, so that the waste also ends up where it belongs. Whether waste garbage can with swing lid or waste separator: At Rotho you buy waste garbage cans cheap and in high quality workmanship - so that unsightly waste no longer disturbs your neat living ambience.