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Category: Kitchen & Supplies

Storage tins for the kitchen: more freshness, more enjoyment

Ripped open food packaging, crumbs on the shelf and unpleasant odors in the refrigerator: Sound familiar? The tiresome kitchen chaos spoils the joy of cooking for many a hobby gourmet - but it can be avoided quite easily. Plastic storage containers are true all-rounders in the kitchen that not only keep things tidy, but also keep food hygienically fresh. Both dry provisions and opened food are stored safely and airtight in plastic storage tins. This means that mold, food moths and other kitchen pests don't stand a chance.

Storage container: Keeping order made easy

To ensure that food retains its flavor and freshness for a long time, it must be stored properly. Storage tins for flour, sugar, salt and other dry supplies should be tightly sealable with a lid to protect the valuable food from humidity and contamination. Whether you prefer storage containers in a round or square shape is up to you - however, square plastic storage containers have the advantage of making the best use of shelf or kitchen cabinet space. Storage space in your kitchen is limited? No problem: many of our storage jars are stackable and can thus be combined to create an individual organization system. It's best to banish unsightly and crumbling bags from your kitchen completely. At Rotho, you can buy storage tins in a set offer at a low price and in excellent quality.

Plastic storage jars - hygienic and easy to clean

The ideal storage can for food is robust, easy to clean, hygienically closable and of course free of harmful substances. By the way, it should also convince in terms of appearance. Storage tins from Rotho combine functionality and elegance: All products are made of food-safe, pollutant-free plastic and are so sturdily processed that they can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher - without warping, without scratches. Thanks to their aesthetic design, the storage containers are also suitable for the open-plan kitchen or can be used as serving containers.

Go wild in your kitchen to your heart's content and spoil yourself and your family with homemade treats. The practical kitchen helpers from Rotho ensure that order and cleanliness always prevail and everything finds its proper place. We offer you everyday solutions for the following areas:

Storage and stockpiling

Whether it's dry provisions, opened food or frozen food: Rotho offers you the right storage tin for every purpose that keeps your food hygienically fresh. You can use our storage containers flexibly and according to your needs as a refrigerator tin, lunch box, tea container or coffee tin. Stackable storage tins, whether large or small, round or square, should therefore not be missing in any household. And because you can't have enough of them, you can buy storage tins in sets at Rotho at a particularly low price.

Cooking and baking

Anyone who likes to wield the wooden spoon can make everyday life in the kitchen much easier with little helpers. Mixing bowls, cutting boards, measuring cups and citrus presses are part of the basic equipment of every modern kitchen and should be made of durable, permanently hygienic materials. Plastic kitchen accessories are dishwasher-safe, food-safe and won't break if something accidentally falls to the floor.

Transport and serve

As modern urban nomads, we no longer eat many meals at home, but increasingly eat on the go. Should it be healthy, easy to transport and also taste good? Storage tins from Rotho can easily be used as lunch boxes thanks to the tight-fitting lid. And if your favorite colleague is celebrating a birthday, why not bring a homemade cake to the office - with Rotho's sturdy transport boxes, even cakes and pastries will travel safely. Since they are beautiful to look at, you can easily use our transport and storage containers as serving containers.

Order and system instead of chaos - so cooking and baking is more fun. Browse our online store and buy high-quality storage containers and storage boxes in the set cheap and convenient online!