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Category: Cooking & Baking

Baking utensils for cakes & pies

When the tempting aroma of homemade cakes or cookies wafts through your home, it brings back childhood memories and simply puts you in a good mood. To ensure that the delicacies are a guaranteed success, you need reliable assistants when baking. In the Rotho online store, you will find practical, everyday and unusual baking utensils for cakes, pies and the like that will delight amateur bakers. In addition to mixing bowls, measuring cups, baking pans, sieves, cutting boards and citrus presses are part of the basic equipment of every bakery. If your sweet works of art are to travel, then you need transportable cake and pie tins, which may also have a cooling option. At Rotho you can buy baking accessories and baking utensils in sets at a great price, and you can also take advantage of discounted quantities on many products.


What good kitchen gadgets should be able to do

Anyone who wants to buy baking utensils and accessories is quickly confronted with a wide variety of products, which does not exactly make the decision easy. What are the distinguishing features of good kitchen gadgets and what quality criteria should you look for? First of all, the materials used should of course be food-safe and free of any harmful substances that could be released during use. As a brand manufacturer, Rotho only uses sustainable, ecologically compatible materials that can also be used in sensitive areas such as the kitchen without hesitation. Our baking accessories made of robust plastic also impress with their excellent usage properties: All baking utensils are lightweight, break-proof and can be hygienically cleaned in the dishwasher after use. Well thought-out product details such as the practical spout openings of our mixing bowls enable efficient and clean working without the kitchen resembling a battlefield afterwards. Because, of course, even unusual baking utensils have to prove themselves in everyday use.


What baking utensils are needed for cakes, pies & Co.

Measuring cup

Baking by eye - that can be a real eye sore. With many sweet works of art, it is important for their success that the quantities are adhered to exactly. Measuring cups are versatile kitchen aids that help you measure liquids such as milk and juice, but also solid ingredients such as flour and sugar precisely. Our measuring cups have internal scales that take into account not only the usual units of measurement, but also international specifications such as pints and cups. So converting the quantities of an original American brownie recipe no longer has to be a headache for you.


Mixing bowls

Mixing bowls have to withstand a lot and should therefore have a stable character to avoid annoying incidents in the kitchen. Since they are suitable not only for stirring, but also for many other purposes, they come in different sizes and diameters. All bowls are characterized by a wide handle rim, a non-slip rubber ring on the bottom and a practical spout. Like many other baking utensils, you can buy mixing bowls in sets or in larger quantities at particularly low prices.


Citrus juicers

To enjoy the sweet side of life, sometimes you also need sour: Citrus presses are suitable for quickly and cleanly juicing lemons, oranges or limes, whose acidity gives many baked goods and desserts a special kick. Innovative attachment molds allow you to juice fruits of different sizes with just one device - after all, baking molds and other baking accessories already take up enough space in the kitchen cabinet.


Cake and cake bells

In addition to inexpensive baking utensils for cakes and pies, you can also buy cake and pie tins in the Rotho online store, which are essential for storing and transporting baked goods. So that delicate creams do not melt even in the summer heat, many transport boxes have a clever cooling option. Cake boxes and cake bells are available in different sizes and can therefore be selected to match the diameter of your baking pan.