Bring order and structure to the basement and garage

The big spring cleaning doesn't just mean washing the windows and replacing winter clothes with the latest spring fashions. Right now, many of us have time to tackle the real problem areas. In garages, basements or attics, we accumulate everything we no longer need, that doesn't fit in any other room or has simply been forgotten. Follow our 5-step guide so you don't get completely lost in the chaos.

Tidying up like the professionals - cleaning up the mess in the basement and garage

Plastikowe pudełka do garażu
Plastikowe pudełka do garażu

Step 1: The preparation

Just spontaneously clean out the garage or basement? This project is likely to fail due to lack of preparation. Stored items are often heavy and bulky. Maybe you can involve other family members in this event or ask friends for help to get physical support? And honestly, the tidying event will most likely be not only exhausting, but also dirty. So choose the right clothes and protect your hands with gloves.

Porządki w garażu
Porządki w garażu

The right equipment

To make sure your basement doesn't descend into chaos again after a week and you can't find anything in it, you should establish a system before cleaning up. To organize all items by category and make them easily accessible, boxes are usually the best choice. But not all boxes are created equal! They should have certain features so that they perfectly fit your scheme.

1. if you use transparent boxes, you can better see what you store in them later. Of course, you can also label the storage boxes to keep track of everything.
Choose boxes that you can seal airtight . This way you can protect papers or clothes from unpleasant smells, moisture, bugs and dust.
3) The most practical boxes are those that are available in differentsizes and can still be stacked safely on top of each other.
4. to keep your boxes tidy, you can use accessories to organize them. Fortunately, there are some accessories that fit perfectly in the boxes.
5. if you store food, you should make sure that the boxes are made of safe
BPA-free and odorless materials.

Step 2: Sort

First, you should designate boxes or storage locations in which to sort items according to the following categories:

  • Store
  • Donations
  • Sell
  • Garbage or recycling
  • move to another place in the house

Sortowanie rzeczy
Sortowanie rzeczy

But how do you decide which things to keep or throw away? Think about whether you've used the item in the last few months. If not, there's a good chance you won't need it in the future. Still unsure? Then collect those items in a separate box and label them with today's date or last day of use. If by the next spring cleaning, the date of last use was a year ago, you can be sure you won't need it.

If possible, collect all the items in another room first. This will make the next step much easier.

Step 3: Cleaning

Cobwebs, dust and dirty windows: now that the room has been cleared, every hidden corner can finally be cleaned. Right now you also have one of the few opportunities to repaint the walls or oil the door hinges.

Porządki w garażu
Porządki w garażu

Step 4: Organization

Once you've sorted things and created a clean space, it's time to put everything away in an orderly fashion.

Then you create categories again and sort your possessions again. For example by

  • Sports accessories
  • Garden utensils
  • Automobile
  • Tools
  • Pantry

To store everything in an organized way, it's best to use a system of boxes. But shelves, baskets and hooks can also help you bring order to the chaos. The important thing is that each item has its place and all categories are properly labeled so you can quickly find your things.

When storing things on shelves, it's best to go by the weight of the items (the heaviest items low) and the frequency of use (the items you use the most - closest to the entrance).

Porządek w spiżarni
Porządek w spiżarni

Step 5: Get rid of unnecessary things

Now you can finally breathe a sigh of relief and be proud of yourself! The last step is just to take care of the things you have sorted out. Take your trash to recycling as soon as possible and sell or donate the things you no longer need. Find a place you can reserve for the things that are waiting for a new owner. But be careful: don't fall into the old rut and lose control of your basement or garage. Otherwise, next spring it's still time to clean up the mess with Evo boxes from Rotho.

Porządki w garażu
Porządki w garażu